Machine two in one: Washer and Dryer

The search for devices that guarantee more comfort and practicality on a daily basis increases gradually. Lack of time is the main factor that leads people to seek practical solutions for everyday life.

The washing machine, which also works as a dryer, arrived on the market some time ago and is already one of the best-selling appliances in stores.

This two-in-one device, in addition to being extremely practical, still save space, ideal for apartments, for those who have little space in the laundry room or people who live alone.

Some appliance brands have different models with varying capacities to meet different needs. In general, the most sold are those with a capacity between 10 and 11 kg.

Another important advantage of this two-in-one machine is that it consumes little electricity, around 0.27 kW / h. The engine power reaches 880w, consuming 130 liters of water.

It is important to note that the consumption of the machine will vary according to its capacity and the manufacturer’s brand, be aware of these details when buying.

This type of machine has different cycles that wash and dry clothes, just put the soap and other cleaning products in the correct compartments, choose the cycle that it does everything else. Models with larger capacity wash comforters and blankets with ease, in addition to a large amount of clothing.

The drying process uses high technology that is able to condense the air which in turn retains the moisture in the clothes, subsequently eliminating all residual water.

The design of this type of machine is very modern and matches any environment, in addition, it is easy to install and use. When testing it, consult the manual first or ask for help from a specialized technician.

On average the two in one machine are accessible, they can be a little more expensive than the conventional ones, around R $ 1,400.00, but the cost-benefit ratio is excellent.